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Journal of Justice
Slate 24th, 103

While digging out the new bedroom level, Thom finally found a vein of gold.  It probably runs through several of what was intended to be bedrooms, but we can always build walls to fill in the holes left from mining out the vein.

Journal of Justice
Felsite 16th, 103

The Drow hoardmaster is finally leaving, and the elves have already arrived with their spring caravan.  We mistakenly made some mail armor when we ran critically low on steel, so I’ll probably have that sold.  We managed to use up all our dolomite and marble, so steel production is currently limited by how quickly we’re getting more flux stone.

Journal of Justice
Felsite 24th, 103

Problem after problem these last few days.  A construction accident on the walls destroyed our bridge at the main entrance, though the dwarves nearby were fortunately only bruised.  Bothon inadvertently offered a wooden barrel of food for trade  to the elves, which upset them enough that they left immediately without trading.  A kobold thief and a bunch of forest imps have been harassing anyone who goes outside the walls as well.

Journal of Justice
Hematite 12th, 103

Paulie has claimed a craftsdwarf workshop, and won’t tell anyone what he’s up to.  From what I’ve heard, he just stepped out to grab a couple of logs, but that’s all…

Journal of Justice
Slate 18th, 103

EDGEKOOLZ has declared that he wishes to be a laundrydwarf.

Good for him.

Screenshot 2014-03-28 17.06.39

He would also like to remind everyone that ladybugs are a scourge and we should be focusing more of our research on effective pesticides to fight them.


Journal of Justice
Slate 18th, 103

With the arrival of a fairly absurd number of migrants, we are now up to 99 dwarves living here.  Almost no guild members came with this group, but we did get a couple of apostles and arcane dwarves, including one who is quite skilled in sorcery and magic weapon use.

It’s probably time to start doubling up on certain industries, and to form some additional squads.  Not to mention dig out a lot more bedrooms, make a lot more beds, make more tables and chairs, get another guild hall up, another brewery, expand the farms, more squads, more everything else…

I also need to get serious about garrison training, although I think it will have to interrupt the current training schedule.

Journal of Justice
Slate 10th, 103

Screenshot 2014-03-26 21.04.19

An apparently friendly deity has arrived at our fortress.  I guess this is a good sign.

Journal of Justice
Slate 14th, 103

Roguepryncess followed up her alchemy breakthrough with a quick breakthrough in magick.  We are now putting together a school of wizardy.  Fortunately, we already have a few arcane dwarves to make use of it, such as Stack.

Journal of Justice
Slate 15th, 103

Migrants are arriving from the southeast.  They must have gotten lost.

Journal of Justice
Granite 23rd, 103

A lot has happened since I last chiseled an entry.  I am now a high priest.  I understand the dangers of the cult of the carp god, and have discovered that this site may be used to support a volcanic oracle of Armok… if we can produce or reach magma to properly bless it.

In terms of fortress news, we have had a few births.  Most notably, Bmuscles and Dox gave Oola a sister: Dumed Vumsharkid.Screenshot 2014-03-26 20.14.39

Adrienne, one of our wrestlers with a daughter of her own, was taken by a fey mood and created an artifact, Zodostdumas.

Screenshot 2014-03-26 20.20.40


Now, I know there are some dwarves who have been grumbling about wooden artifacts being too ‘elfy’.  I would like to put in the record here that:

  1. The ‘wood’ used here is from an underground giant mushroom.
  2. It also incorporates opals, bones, and iron.  That should be sufficiently dwarven, if not totally metal.

As a result, she is now quite good at woodcrafting.

Screenshot 2014-03-26 20.18.36


We had a bit of a rabies problem at the end of winter.  Apparently one of the dogs we got from the last dwarven caravan was a carrier.  We had to put a couple animals down, but fortunately it doesn’t seem to have spread to anything else.

Cody is now an Axe Lord.  None of the other soldiers are coming along nearly so quickly, though.

Roguepryncess finally succeeded in creating plans for building an alchemist’s lab, after several months of repeated failures.  It is under construction now near the blast furnace.

We have a fine goods shop now.  We’re alloying some mithril to sell and selling our fossils and relics to Teduk there to get some funds to make use of it or to guild/garrison train more dwarves.

AtomicStomp is working on the library, but it is going extremely slowly.  I may have to put another dwarf in charge.

Overall, the fortress is in fairly good spirits, except for Vakun Geshudsanreb, our public speaker who is upset about being naked.  Clothing production is scheduled, but none of the clothesmakers have started yet.

There’s currently a Drow caravan here.  We got a few odds and ends from them, but not much of note.

Journal of Justice
26th Timber, 102

Quite a bit of news today.  Metthos Uzolvagush claimed a craftsdwarf’s workshop a few days ago.  Seems like he’s gathering materials to make something special.  Another goblin was caught in the cage trap (it’s not even that close to the entrance.  I’m not sure how they keep stumbling into it).  Most importantly, we just finished trading with a caravan from the mountainhome.  For a few barrels of Howard’s finest meals, some clothes a Kobold thief was wearing (that the caravan guards killed themselves!), and a half dozen gold and platinum goblets, we got crates of library supplies, crates of feathers, a huge pile of meat, fish, plants, and booze, some wood, another instrument (albeit one we could have made ourselves),  a bunch of animals (including male and female drakes!), and a couple of odds and ends.  Also, a trade license, so we’ll be able to set up a shop.

Journal of Justice
8th Moonstone, 102

Mestthos Uzolvagush has finished Ilirngalakanan!

This is a pure hematite (iron) mug. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encrusted with oval pure hematite (iron) cabochons and decorated with leather. This object is adorned with hanging rings of pure hematite (iron) and menaces with spikes of graphite.
 On the item is an image of Ashduuk Bladelies the artisan orc and Eslo Destineddrilled the blind cave ogre in moonstone. Eslo Destineddrilled is striking down Ashduuk Bladelies. The artwork relates to the killing of the artisan orc Ashduuk Bladelies by the blind cave ogre Eslo Destineddrilled in The Fiery Wall in 55.

I have mixed feelings about this.  It’s a huge boost to our fortress wealth, and that makes us a more attractive target to our enemies…

Journal of Justice
Limestone 16th, 102

A goblin – well, pieces of a goblin – was spotted entangled in the new bronze axe blade weapon trap.  It was probably a just a lone scout or kidnapper… but it indicates that there’s a good chance the goblins know we are here.  We still lack armor for our military, and they’re, well, not very good yet.

I’d better send a message to the masons and miners that they need to get that west wall built up higher and dig out the part of the hill that leads up to it.

Journal of Justice
Limestone 18th, 102

The humans are on their way out of the area.

Journal of Justice
Limestone 26th, 102

Another goblin thief.  This one ran afoul of a cage trap.

I’ll have it moved to the underground barracks for a little ‘training exercise’.

Journal of Justice
Sandstone 16th, 102

More migrants.  I WAS pretty happy with the number of dwarves we already had!

Journal of Justice
Galena 16th, 102

Humans are arriving to trade with us.

Screenshot 2014-03-21 17.26.31


Journal of Justice
Limestone 5th, 102

Bothon, our new broker/bookkeeper, finally got around to trading with the humans.  I guess we mostly just got a bunch of meat and fish, but we picked up a little booze and a violin, too.  AtomicStomp is requesting more food, booze, and library supplies for next year.

Journal of Justice
Galena 1st, 102

I have the strangest feeling that something important is about to happen to one of our dwarves.

Journal of Justice
Galena 4st, 102

While I was studying up on night creatures, I heard an unearthly voice ring out…

Screenshot 2014-03-21 07.07.56


I don’t know if anyone else heard it, but Datan just came by showing off his new artifact!

This is a smooth wooden bin.  All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality.  It is decorated with smooth wood.  This object menaces with spikes of smooth wood.

Not the most interesting,  useful, or valuable artifact at 3600 urists, but it’s something, I guess.  Datan apparently is pretty good at carpentry now.  He’d be legendary if he was in the carpenter’s guild, but I think I’ll just have him do carpentry in his spare time and let Elitron keep working on it too.

Journal of Justice
Malachite 12th, 102

I’m not sure how it happened, but our calendar has jumped backward a month!  Everything that happened in that time has still happened though… I don’t know what’s going on.  I’ve finished my training as a priest… but I still want to learn more!  It takes six months to become a high priest… I guess I’ll see everyone in midwinter, assuming time doesn’t go strange again.

Journal of Justice
Malachite 15th, 102

As part of my training, I meditated on the fortress as a whole, trying to see everything going on at once and engrave it in my journal in three dimensions.  It’s something dwarves with the potential to become full priests are supposed to be able to do.

Here it is.